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The Cross-Ontario Bicycle Ride Raising Lyme Disease Awareness
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About Lyme

Lyme Disease starts with a bite from a tick carrying a spirochete bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi.  If not properly diagnosed and treated early, the bacteria spreads throughout the body causing numerous illnesses including Flu-Like Fevers, Migraines, Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain, Fatigue, Heart Palpitations, Dizziness, Vision, Hearing, and Memory Problems.

Despite being discovered in 1976, rapidly spread by bird migration, and active in Ontario for well over 20 years, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario did not begin promoting public awareness about Lyme Disease (short-term infection) and Chronic Lyme Disease (long-term infection) until June, 2010.  At present, although Lyme Disease treatment has a very high success rate, Chronic Lyme Disease is considered to have a low probability of being cured, and for the most part, the medical approach being used is simply keeping the patients comfortable.

Aside from the individual pain that a patient with Chronic Lyme goes through, what is forever lost or ignored is the pain that the families of Chronic Lyme Disease patients go through watching a loved one suffer.  Alienated from medical assistance as a result of the politics of the Canadian healthcare system, the families of Canadians with Lyme end up paying a huge price.  The misdiagnosis of Lyme Disease not only destroys the person that is ill, it causes huge financial burden, and in many cases, completely breaks down the family unit.   

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