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The Cross-Ontario Bicycle Ride Raising Lyme Disease Awareness
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Signs and Symptoms of Lyme

The signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease vary greatly.  To view a list of commonly found symptom please Click here.

Where is Lyme in Ontario

Ticks can be transported seasonally anywhere in Ontario.  It therefore must be assumed that ticks infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi can also be found anywhere in Ontario as well.  Any suggestion that the climate in Ontario is to cold for ticks to survive simply does not take into consideration that an infected tick can travel hundreds of miles in a day or two on migratory birds.  The best defense against a serious infection of Lyme Disease is to assume that they are everywhere. 

How to protect yourself

Preventing direct skin contact with ticks is about the easiest way to protect yourself from a Borrelia burgdorferi infection.

When out in grass or wooded areas, wearing cloths that protect the skin from direct contact with grass, leaves, and undergrowth is the best defense to prevent a tick bite.  Light coloured cloths provide the advantage of providing a visual contrast with dark coloured ticks.  The easier ticks can be seen, the easier they can be removed.

Pulling socks over pant bottoms helps prevent ticks from penetrating under pant legs where they have direct access to skin.  The inside of the lower left leg is where Cycle For Lyme founder, James Christie was bit and subsequently contracted Chronic Lyme Disease.

Using insect repellent made to repel ticks reduces the opportunity for ticks to latch onto exposed skin, reducing the likelihood of being infected with Lyme Disease.

To find out more,

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To Learn more about Cycle for Lyme Founder, James Christie's, 21-year battle with Lyme Disease, please visit,


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